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Penang, 1910????

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Reviewers: Joseph Conrad Today seeks qualified individuals interested in reviewing books on Conrad and other members of his literary circle. We also have available for review a number of books on British and World modernisms.  

If you know of a recent book on Conrad and are interested in reviewing it, please write to the Book Review Editor, Kim Salmons, at, and include the following information:

- Titles you are interested in reviewing
- A brief description of your professional credentials
- A list of your areas of interest and expertise

We will get back to you promptly.

Important information on house style: please select "Writing for JCT" above.

Book authors: do you have a book in progress, or do you know the publication date? Please write to Kim Salmons at so she can get review copies scheduled! Thank you very much for your help.

Authors and publishers: please send books for review to: 

Dr Kim Salmons
Associate Dean Research & Enterprise
St Mary's University
Waldegrave Road
United Kingdom